6-year-old boy catches 100-pound tarpon like a pro

June 11, 2013

Reed did it all himself, hooking and fighting tarpon; fish was bigger than he

June 10, 2013 by

A 6-year-old fisherman named Reed recently caught a fish of a lifetime—a 100-pound tarpon—and he fought the fish like a seasoned professional. When asked if he wanted to tighten the drag a little bit, the boy smartly responded, “No, then it might break the line.” Instead, Reed kept the fish in front of him, kept a tight line and brought it to the boat. He then managed to pose for photos with his monster tarpon, which was bigger than he. Cute and precious come to mind when you watch Reed catch and release this awesome fish:

As one YouTube commenter wrote, “Not too many 6-year-olds have caught a fish that big … more like not too many 36-year-olds have caught a fish that big.”

According to the poster, Joshua Jorgensen, aka BlacktipH Fishing and a friend of Reed’s family, they had just caught and released a huge hammerhead shark when they decided to go catch some tarpon, using mullet for bait.

When line started screaming off a fishing rod, Reed grabbed the rod, set the hook, and started fighting the monster tarpon.

“He did it all on his own,” Jorgensen assured.

“I was very impressed on how he handled and fought the tarpon. His tarpon weighed over 100 pounds!”




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